• What Colt 1911 Grips Fit A Ballester Molina 45

    These are grips for "ballester-molina" a copy of colt 1911 made by hafdasa (argentina). they are made from english walnut of the natural color, checkered with the s, oil finished. Argentine Hafdasa Ballester Molina.45 1911 Pistol

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    what colt 1911 grips fit a ballester molina 45. BALLESTER MOLINA 45 1911 STYLE REPLACEMENT GRIP for sale . THIS SALE IS FOR A SINGLE PAIT OF 1911 45 ARGENTINE PISTOL CALLED A BALLESTER MOLINA. THEY ARE REPLACEMRNT GRIPS NEW IN TTHE PACKA for sale by aa trap supply on GunsAmerica 906310435. Ballester-Molina Argentine .45 Acp Like 1911 (#5) For Sale "BRIEF: Argentine Ballester-Molina

  • The Ballester Molina Pistol: Argentina’s almost 1911

    Why Did This HappenHaf WhatDesignUseCollectabilityIn 1916, Argentina ordered 10,000 Colt 1911s from the US for their military. Unsurprisingly, they liked those so much that they asked for 10 times as many of a slightly modified version from Colt. These are known today as the Colt Systema Modello 1927.By the 1930s, as the US Great Depression turned global, the Argentine government was looking for more of the same gun, only cheaper. And t在guns上查看更多信息作者: Chris Eger
  • Classics: The Argentinian Ballester-Molina

    Since Colt M1911A1 pistols were in widespread use in the King’s serv and Colt could not keep up with demand, purchasing the Ballester-Molina pistol represented a sensible cho. It

  • Tombstone Gun Grips: Ballester-Molina

    These grips mount with two screws each that go directly into tapped holes in the frame, rather than the US government standard specs for a 0.250-inch diameter mounting stud and a 0.150-inch threaded screw that fits into the post. In other words, you cannot use these grips on a 1911 clone, and you can't put Colt 1911 grips on a Ballester-Molina.

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    16/06/2008· I'm looking for new grips for my ballester molina, will colt 1911 grips fit Thanks, Proshot. Perfection is a powerful statement! 06-14-2008, 11:09 PM #2. NavyGunner. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Platinum Bullet Join Date Dec 1969 Location Southwestern NH Posts 2,096. No, the grips are different but there are repro grips availe for the Ballester-Molina

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    Ballester Molina .45 Set of 4 Grip Screws, New. $4.95

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    Ballester Molina 1911 Description: Good condition 1911 Argentina Ballester Molina .45 ACP with 5" barrel. Look at pictures for some wear. $30.00 Shipping FFL required for shipping; All items shipped Priority Mail Please contact Gloria at 540-580-2762 (after 12 noon eastern time) or email commonwealthcollectiblesyahoo 4% Credit Card Fee

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    The Ballester–Molina is a pistol designed and built by the Argentine company Hispano Argentina Fábrica de Automóviles SA (HAFDASA). From 1938 to 1940 it bore the name Ballester–Rigaud. History. The Ballester–Molina was designed to offer the Argentine pol and military a cheaper alternative to the Sistema Colt Modelo 1927, itself a lnsed copy of the Colt M1911A1, built

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    27/12/2006· What is a Argentine Ballester Molina .45 in fair condition worth I don't have any pictures. It belongs to a friend of mine. He wants to sell it. All the numbers match and some of the blueing has worn off. I think the serial number was 26609. TIA

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    07/02/2004· NORINCO M1911, this is my Ballester-Molina which has a bobbed hammer, Series 80 barrel, match bushing, novak sights, and Hakan grips. I have about $500 in it and it will shoot with any good $500 1911A1. Of all my pistols it feels the best in my hand. Regards, Richard _____

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    Ballester- Molina Unlnsed Colt 1911 Copy for sale online.

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    The Argentine "Ballester Molina" 45acp Auto Pistol is a World class firearm that's half the p of it's Colt 1911 cousin. Still avaliable on the surplus ma

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    Ballester Molina Grips. Posted by Densi on Aug 11th 2020 The left grip panel had to be sanded on the top in order to fit. It took 5-10 minutes. No other issues. 5 ballester molina grip set, new. Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2020 great product. some modification of grip screw holes for screws to start straight. not uncommon on the ones I have ed on seems few thousand off between holes in

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    17/01/2012· I recently purchased a very n ballester molina and have been more than pleased with the shooting and overall finish and quality of the gun. I was wondering your thoughts on this make pistol and and the thought of adding a set of hogue rubber grips to one. First will they fit like most 1911 clones and is it worth altering an already n gun.

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    This set of four grip screws fits the Argentina 1911 or the Ballester Molina. These WILL NOT fit standard 1911 frames/bushings. ballister. Related. Additional information. Weight: 3 oz: Related products. Wolff Pistol Serv Pak Type-1 Browning 1935, 9mm Hi-Power $ 15.97. In stock. Add to cart; HGW & Wolff 1911 Tune-Up 45 Auto Spring Kit Factory 16lb Recoil Sear & Firing Pin Springs $ 15.97

  • "Ballester Molina" .45 ACP Pistol: Facts and Legends Gun

    16/02/2013· · The second was the Colt 1911 pistol cal. 0.45 · The third was the Colt 1927 Gun System, cal. 11.25 m/m · And the fourth the Ballester Molina cal. 45 (or 11.25 m/m), in conjunction with the serv Colt Colt 1911 A1 and 1927 System The first guns were the following legend: 45 Cal Pistola Aut Ballester Rigaud Model D.G.M.E. 1938

  • Ballester Molina: shooter or worth attempting to preserve

    05/05/2020· The Ballester Molinas actually improved on the 1911 in a few ways, but I never liked the way they looked. As much as I like the Ballester-Molinas, and respect the fact that they were a remarkably good design and were built like tanks, I have to agree that I'm still inclined to prefer the Colts and Colt Sistemas.

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    Ballester Molina, grip, , walnut, pistol grips, Ballester Molina grips, Wood grips for Ballester Molina GRIPS4u.net Grips4u has been producing fine grips for over 10 years


    08/02/2009· This is a WWII British contract 1911 style pistol from BALLESTER MOLINA. It was manufactured in 1942-44, the British Contract number is B.3797, the gun serial number is 16429 found on the frame with Matching serial number on slide and barrel. Colt 1911 copy made by the Argentinean manufacturing Co. in a quantity of 6,000 for the British 8th Army in WWII under the order of General